Thursday, April 26, 2012

For the Swanky Mom!!!

Happy Thursday! Hope you all enjoyed our candid Hawaii pics from yesterday! It is so not warm here in Chicago and we are dreaming of Lava Flows with tiny umbrellas in them! Nothing like a friendly reminder about our spectacular spring SALE on lucite trays, to get you excited!!! Now through Monday get 25% off of any of our swanky trays...Order in time for Mother's Day!! They seriously make such a great gift for mom, a friend, AND the new bride!
Another FAB idea for the swanky mom? Did someone say zebra iPad covers? Yes, we did. BEHOLD!!! They are all so cute we can't stand it. It's like a new baby you want to change outfits. Love them ALL!!!
Order soon to ensure Mother's Day delivery!!! XO, Nico and Lala

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ALOHA!!! Hawaii Sneak Peek!

ALOHA!! We are back from Hawaii, tan and still jet lagged after 2 days, and just can't shake their fun words! If you have never been there, they literally say Aloha to everyone and also Mahalo, which means thank you! It is so neat! We had a blast. We worked a lot, but also got to play a lot too! The wedding was so unbelievable..we cannot even wait to share pics of the reception and rehearsal dinner, as well as the welcome bags!!! They are coming soon! For now, enjoy some candid shots of the group!!! We had so much fun and the cold rainy weather in Chicago right now is making us have a total Hawaii Hangover! CHAMPAGNE!!!!
The Trifecta! This is obviously US, Nico and Lala, and Christina, the bride's assistant...also known as Super C!!!
The Bride and Groom!
Nico and Lala with a native :) Nicole told him he had soft skin....hahahah
One of our favorite customers...EVER!!! Stuart!
The BOYS! They discovered Bud LIght Platinum on this trip and you would have thought Jesus walked on water in front of them!
Enjoy and MANY more pics to come from this Hawaiian Destination Wedding!!! IT WAS GORGEOUS!!!!! XO, Nico and Lala

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Masters Friday!!!

Today is Masters Friday therefore we must celebrate the biggest weekend in the game of golf, by sharing the most absolutely adorable Master's themed first birthday party! We think this may be the cutest idea for a preppy little boys party ever! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

SO adorable and creative!!!!!

The spread! And love our lucite tray with Holiday Insert Pack in the background! Of course Happy Birthday insert showing for Miles' big day!

Happy 1st Birthday Miles!!! And Happy Masters Weekend to all of YOU! And let us all remember the meaning of Good Friday as well, and have a wonderful Easter Weekend!


Nico and Lala

Sunday, April 1, 2012


And it is not an April Fool's joke! :)

We have so many swanky patterns and colorways to choose from and we could not be more excited about these! Nico and Lala iPad covers are made with environmentally friendly inks and Post Consumer Recycled materials. They are also stain and water resistant, and fold out easel style for easy viewing!

These will make such great graduation gifts, a Mothers Day treat for yourself, or just a happy!

You can order by clicking here! We can assure you that if your iPad could talk, it would tell you to dress it in something pretty.

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Palm Sunday!