Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warner's First Birthday

Well, we have been waiting on these pics from one of our most fabulous and favorite clients!!!!!!!!!!!

Warner's First Birthday invitation was so stinking adorable and we just knew that mommy Sloane would do our swag justice! HA! As an event planner herself, this looks like a flawless party!!

Vintage Feel, An Old Fashioned Candy Bar, Sock Monkeys, ADORABLE!!!!!!!

We just love how it all turned out!!! Makes you want to throw a party doesn't it???

YAY for 2 blog posts in 2 days!!! I think we just set a record!!! Trying to keep up the pace!


Nico and Lala


  1. Where did she order the invitations and envelopes from? I absolutely LOVE them!

    1. HI there! We did the invitations :) We specialize in custom invitations and event branding. Let us know if we can help! XO, Nico and Lala

  2. Everything is so cute! Where did you find the blue and red gummy sharks?

  3. This is just the cutest. Love it!

  4. How can I get these envelopes?! I love them

  5. Where did you get the cake topper for the cake? It is so cute!