Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Traditional Wedding...with a twist!

We had the privilege of working on one of the most GORGEOUS weddings ever, last fall that we thought we would share with you all! This was another client we worked on with The Social Office, based in Nashville. If you saw our recent post on Facebook about being mentioned on the fabulous Bonjour+Hola blog, you saw where Julia Spickard, the bride, was doing a week of guest posts on all things wedding! Check it out here if you missed it!

Julia had a very consistent theme of gray and white through out her wedding and we did a few minor pops of coral. This was a formal and traditional wedding, but with a little creativity we added a few Nico and Lala twists every now and then! HA! We began with the save the date and carried the gray and white theme throughout!

Love the programs with satin gray ribbon....elegant and stunning!

We are a little obsessed with the playing cards we designed for the welcome bags!!! Perfectly Suited...ADORABLE!!!

How neat is it that they did the welcome bags in FEED bags?! We love that! Our custom tag still made it cohesive and well branded, but it was a personal cause that was close to the bride's heart!

J Crew Flip Flops at the reception for guests to put their dancing shoes on! Such a great idea!

And these photos are all courtesy of (except the first one...that is alll Lala! HA!) Zach and Jody Gray Photography. They are incredible and if you have never heard of them, check them out for sure!!!!

We hope you love this look! We sure do :) We are working on so many weddings right now and cannot wait to get all the photos back so we can share with all of you lovely blog readers!!

Also, the countdown is ON for the Ipad covers. I swear--you all are going to DIE at the cuteness. There is definitely a look for everyone and we are hoping to have them up on the site on the next week! We will be blasting it out once we do!

It is another beautiful day here in the Windy City and we may stroll down to JCrew on Michigan Ave in a bit--we have been eyeing some bathing suits there, and we leave for Hawaii in 2 weeks!!!!!!! AHHHH! The pics are going to be incredible. We will blog for sure and share. We are BEYOND excited about it.

Lots of fun things going on in our world and big things to look forward to--and don't you just love spring??! Tulips and sunshine!!! Yes, please!


Nico and Lala

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Well we could not be more excited about our newest custom product!!!! IPAD COVERS!!!

We have fun new patterns, motifs, monograms, and colorways up our sleeves, so get ready! Umm did someone say zebras??!?!? Yes..yes, they did.

Also, for those who want a swanky cover for their husband or boyfriend? We are "covering" that as well--(pun intended).
Nico and Lala may have gotten some creative inspiration last time we were in Ralph Lauren--think plaid, herringbone, masculine and divine.

These covers are made using environmentally friendly inks which are printed onto a vinyl cover made of Post Consumer Recycled materials. Swanky and green...doesn't get better than that!

Counting down the days!!!

Stay tuned!

XO and Happy Saturday!

Nico and Lala

Friday, March 23, 2012

Harper Turns One...A Pastel Party!

Happy Friday everyone!

We are loving this new blog kick we are on! Hoping to keep it up and share all these precious pics we have from such fab parties! We hope you are all enjoying and getting some real inspiration for your own soirees!

Behold, Harper's First Birthday!! Mom Courtney is one of our all time favorite clients ever. She is just the sweetest and we kind of have a pen pal relationship. She gives us lots of advice on life and love too :) (WE LOVE OUR JOBS!!!)

Anywho, this party was so adorable and with Courtney's unbelievable craftiness (we certainly do not do applique..hahah), she made our swag look like a million bucks!!! And how good is this photography?? Alice Park Photography in Atlanta did this and we are so thankful to her for letting us post these pics and share with you all! ENJOY!


Nico and Lala

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warner's First Birthday

Well, we have been waiting on these pics from one of our most fabulous and favorite clients!!!!!!!!!!!

Warner's First Birthday invitation was so stinking adorable and we just knew that mommy Sloane would do our swag justice! HA! As an event planner herself, this looks like a flawless party!!

Vintage Feel, An Old Fashioned Candy Bar, Sock Monkeys, ADORABLE!!!!!!!

We just love how it all turned out!!! Makes you want to throw a party doesn't it???

YAY for 2 blog posts in 2 days!!! I think we just set a record!!! Trying to keep up the pace!


Nico and Lala

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

City Chic Photoshoot!

Hello from a gorgeous and unbelievably warm March! We could not have asked for a better winter to break us into this whole northern/midwest/snow thing! We have seriously been blessed. I think the Lord wanted us to really like it here and give it a shot--Now we are getting a great spring and summer in to sell us on it, and then winter #2 won't be so bad!!! :) At least that's what we are hoping for!

We are having a blast and loving getting involved in all this city has to offer. We have been to some fabulous restaurants--RL (Ralph Lauren's restaurant) is quickly becoming one of our favorites for lunch, but only when we have fancy guests in town. We also recently took advantage of restaurant week, where 4 and 5 star restaurants offer a prix fixe menu for a much lower price and we ate at the chef's table at Table 52. Table 52 is SO SO SO delicious and is owned by Art Smith, who was Oprah's chef! It is an absolute delight for a southerner in the city!!

One of the coolest new bars in the city is the Pump Room. They recently did a complete renovation of the bar and hotel and it is AH-MAZING. It oozes character and history--is those walls could talk!!! I mean, Frank Sinatra hung out here back in the day! It was the PLACE to be and is a must see. They have fabulous cocktails and champagne (pinkies up!) and there is some definite eye candy to boot, if you know what we mean! :)

As newcomers to this fabulous city, we are still learning our way around and still have loads of bars, pubs, restaurants, and SHOPS to visit! In the meantime, we figured we needed a little city chic photoshoot to give us a little more urban feel! Why not, right?! So, we thought we would share some funny out takes from the sessions. We laughed a lot and as most of you know, we don't ever take ourselves too seriously. The good ones will soon be on our site, but for now...ENJOY!

Nico and Lala