Tuesday, October 30, 2012

London Called!!!

Greetings from the super cold and windy Chicago!!! The tail end winds of Sandy seem to be hitting us! Hope all of you on the East Coast are faring okay..the pictures on the news are so devastating! Thoughts and prayers to all of you! So, as many of you all know, we have had some exciting things going on at Nico and Lala! In the past month or so we have launched a brand spankin' new website, traveled to Europe (so much to share and tell..), and moved apartments! It has been such an exciting but crazy time for us and well worth the late nights and long hours! We have literally been talking about doing a Europe trip for probably 2 years. And I know many people talk for MUCH longer than that about doing something and spending the money on things such as a 10 day European excursion, but we knew time was passing and things were hopefully never going to slow down for us! So, why not go now? Fall seemed like a great time..not too hot and not too crowded like the summer months can be over there! We finally decided on London, Barcelona, and Rome! We booked our flights and hotels (which were awesome by the way..), packed WAY TOO much, and headed across the pond with open minds, eyes and took it all in. It truly was a trip of a lifetime and there is too much from each city to put this all in one blogpost, so London...HERE WE GO! Pictures tell the best stories, so ENJOY! Off we go...HIP HIP!
The Punch Bowl..Guy Ritchie's pub, and it was all it was cracked it up to be! Does not disappoint!
The River Thames, looking back at Parliament and Big Ben..we were SO lucky with the weather! Gorgeous!
The London Eye!
Random man playing the bagpipes. It was so majestic listening to him and looking around and taking it all in!
Westminster Abbey! Beautiful
Photo op outside Buckingham Palace! HELLO to the Queen MUM! We kept picturing Kate and William waving on the balcony...and their kiss. hee hee
PANORAMIC shot on Portobello Road in Notting Hill!
The Flower Market on Portobello Road. This one is for you mom!
My signature color...TURQUOISE!
It was so incredible!!! We packed it in for the 3 days we were there! Next up, Barcelona!! Also, we now have an OFFICIAL Instagram account #nicoandlala ... so FOLLOW US! We will be posting LOTS of pics on here from everyday life, so be sure to keep up! :) XO, N&L

Monday, August 20, 2012

Burgers, Fries, and Cherry Pies!

Frances turns one! This gingham, cherry pie inspired birthday bash is so so sweet! We love the creativity mom Lauren had with the entire party! Frances and her daddy sing this song together so that is why they decided to make it the theme! So funny! From the red and white gingham table cloths to the tiny cherry pies with cupcake tags in them, this party was a stunner!!! And check out the adorable over the top birthday cake!!! WE LOVE IT!!!
Hope you love it and that this gives you some creative inspiration! XO, N&L

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Keep Calm and Party On!

We are still in the Olympic spirit here at Nico and Lala! And you will be too after this blogpost! So when a mom, who is so appropriately married to a Brit, contacted us for help on her son Jack's 2nd birthday, it seemed like a no brainer! A Union Jack and Olympic themed bash was in the making in our heads, immediately!! We could not believe how fun this theme was..creative, cool and so so so UNIQUE! We are a little bit obsessed!
HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Yay for Jack's Bday! XO, Nico and Lala