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Monogrammed Wedding Invitations

A wise woman once said, "If it's not moving...monogram it." That woman was both the extremely talented and smart, Reese Witherspoon. We, at Nico and Lala, fully support her philosophy, therefore we monogram everything! From birth announcements and birthday parties, to wedding shower gifts and bachelorette name it, we monogram it.  But our all time favorite piece to monogram is a wedding invitation. Monogrammed wedding invitations are both timeless and classic, and are a great way to brand your wedding from start to finish. At Nico and Lala, we specialize in creating custom monograms based on the couple's preferences. Some choose to create a traditional interlocking monogram, melding their initials into a piece of art. Others choose to put a fun twist on a classic monogram by adding an element significant to their wedding, or relationship.

So whether you're having a laid-back lakeside affair, or planning the next royal wedding, we can create monogrammed wedding invitations to fit your style! Browse a sampling of some of our monogrammed invitations from the past.
Monogrammed Wedding Invitations
Claire and Chris stuck with a simple monogram to tie together their gold foil invitation. To see more of their wedding, please visit their real wedding gallery.
Laura and Will chose a classic monogram for their summer wedding, which we incorporated into the custom stamp, as well as the gorgeous lined envelope! To see more of their Chicago wedding, visit their real wedding gallery.
Megan and Kyle chose a classic Southern monogram for their wedding invitation. We used it in different color variations several times throughout their invite. How amazing is the coral and navy?! 
Maria and Quin went with a classic two-letter monogram (with a bit of flair!) to tie together their sophisticated silver invitation for their Chicago wedding. This invitation was done in thermography and we love the hint of silver shine! 
Nantucket Island Wedding Invitation
Katie and Nathan added a compass to their monogram after spending so much time traveling to see one another during their long distance relationship. Confession: this has to be one of our all time favorites. She let us run with the creativity, and the round reception card, with all pieces foil stamped, turned out beach chic! See more of their Nantucket wedding in our real weddings gallery.
Aubrey and John incorporated a fun Mexican emblem into their colorful monogram to get guests in the mood for their Mexican destination wedding!
Lindsay and Ben's New York wedding custom monogram, used a hint of blush and their first initials. The outcome is traditional and elegance at its' best! 
Alden and Frank used two wedding monograms; a more casual beach cabana for the save the date and elements throughout the reception, and then a more formal version pictured above, on their wedding invitation! See more of their to-die-for FABULOUS Palm Beach wedding in our real weddings gallery
Ali and Stuart added a beach umbrella to their initials to complete their monogram. The couple tied the knot at The Santa Monica Beach Club, which is known for their colorful beach umbrellas!
Nautical Nantucket Wedding Invitation
Adam and Atsuko incorporated an anchor into their nautical inspired invitation, for their Nantucket wedding.
Lauren and Brian incorporated two separate monograms into their invitation. We love how monogram variations can still be consistent with the right design eye! The plaid liner was a nod to the Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club where they tied the knot! See more of their Atlanta wedding in our real weddings gallery.
Lindsay and Eric incorporated the shape of the island of Nantucket into their nautical, navy monogram. See more of their wedding in our real weddings gallery.
Dana and Brad wanted a laid-back and nautical monogram for their lakeside wedding. See more of their Lake Max wedding in our real weddings gallery
Looking to create custom monogrammed wedding invitations for your big day?  We will help you create something one of a kind, in line with your vision! Please e-mail to get started on your custom wedding invitations! And Happy Wedding Wednesday!


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