Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Musical Birthday Party!

Happy Wednesday!

Where has this week gone? We certainly enjoyed our long holiday weekend, and hope all of you did as well. While toddlers begin to develop different interests as they age, there is one thing all little ones seem to universally! Today we're getting jazzy, and celebrating Ruby's second birthday with an fun music themed party. You might remember the birthday girl from her "beary" sweet first birthday, and believe us when we say that her second birthday is equally as adorable. Her party's bright colors and musical instruments made it a hit! Get ready to join us for some tunes and treats as we celebrate Ruby's musical birthday!
A Musical Birthday Party

 How great is Ruby's xylophone cake?! Complete with two cake pop xylophone mallets.
Hope you had "tune" much fun checking out Ruby's adorable musical instrument birthday! Planning a party for your birthday girl? Be sure to check out other Nico and Lala second birthdays, including Camilla's "Mother Goose" party, and Harper's pink and green "petting zoo" birthday!


Nico and Lala

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