Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tea-riffic Party!

Happy Tuesday!! 

We've had an exciting start to the week after celebrating Lala's birthday all weekend...the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup last night! While we can't quite call ourselves hardcore hockey fans, it's still exciting when a hometown team wins such a big game...plus we totally want a picture with the cup!!!

We have the cutest par-tea to share today! In honor of Mother's Day, one of our clients threw a fabulous mother/daughter tea party for her daughters' and their friends. We had SO much fun creating tea-riffic swag for this party...we think the Queen of England would definitely approve (and maybe even be a little jealous) of this sweet party!
How fun is their invite?!?! Fun fact: all colors used are based off of the hostess' china which she used at the party! LOVE IT!
This party makes us want to have a tea party of our own, pinkies up!!! CHEERS!!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Aloha, Hawaii!

Aloha from Nico and Lala!! 

No, we're not in Hawaii (wishing we were!), but just finished production on a Hawaiian destination wedding...and it is fabulous! Lisette and Noel are getting married at one of our favorite places on the big island...The Four Seasons! You might remember, a little over a year ago we were in Hawaii for a wedding (trip recap here). While in paradise, we spent an evening at The Four Seasons, and sipped piƱa coladas while overlooking the sunset...heaven!! 
Pictures of our view at The Four Seasons.....aloha gorgeousness! 
We were so excited to get the chance to create swanky wedding swag for one of our favorite places! Everything turned out awesome!! Sneak a peek below at some of the tropical swag we are shipping out today! 
Soooooo swanky and fun, we can't wait to see (and share) pictures of Lisette and Noel's big day!!! Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and first day of summer! 



P.S. Speaking of summer...to celebrate we created this swanky summer inspired wallpaper to add to your desktop, iPad, or iPhone! AHHHH! Custom designed in our brand new studio colors :) Click here to download our happy little slice of summer now!!!

P.P.S. Happy birthday weekend to the one and only LALA!!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Open for Business!

Last month, we had one of our most creative moms, Jessica, come to us with one of the most original party themes we've seen in a long time! You might remember birthday girl Camilla from previous super-fab birthday parties we've created and featured on our site! Check out her summery and fun pink-lemonade themed first birthday here, and her sweet Mother Goose second birthday here. Camilla isn't Jessica's only N&L devotee. In addition to creating Camilla's birthday bash, we also recently designed the sweetest birth announcements for Camilla's new baby brother, Campbell. 
We couldn't stop oohing and aahhing over adorable Campbell during production, what a cutie! Back to the birthday girl! Camilla loves going to the grocery store with her mom more than anything...so we gave the little shopping lover a store of her own! Introducing Camilla's Corner Store, celebrating three years of business!!!

While we designed some extremely swanky invitations and swag for the party, Camilla's mom ran with the theme and created a corner store party that we could only dream of...until now! So come on in and check out Camilla's Corner Store 3rd birthday party below--we are open for business and LOVE how everything turned out!
Camilla's invitation that inspired all of the goodness below--we are obsessed!
In lieu of gifts, guests were asked to bring donations to a local food bank. Camilla is not only cute, but charitable from a young age...precious!! 
How great is that cake?!?! Camilla's "customers" must have gone crazy over all of these sweet (and adorable) treats!
Little brother Campbell was assistant manager for the day, while store owner Camilla was employee of the month!
We LOVED being part of such a cute and special day for Camilla! Make sure to check back later in the week for updates and pictures of our big N&L Studio makeover! We'll give you one hint before we sign off...FLAMINGO PINK! 


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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Custom Wedding Maps

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks here at the N&L studio! We had the best time in the Bahamas and cannot wait to share the pics! Hope you were following us on Instagram to see sneak peeks! If not, click here to follow. It was such a fabulous wedding and everyone LOVED their welcome bags! Success! YAY!

Since we have been back in Chicago, it has been wedding mode all the way! We've been busy bees with super swanky wedding production here in the studio! From fan wedding programs, to welcome baskets in California, Mississippi, and here at home in Chi-town, stay tuned to the blog these next few weeks for more pics! We feel so blessed to get to do what we do, and just know you are going to swoon at all the loveliness! 

Not sure if you all saw on our FB and Instagram, but last week was Allyson's (who has worked with us from the VERY beginning), last day. We have been so fortunate to have someone like her who has stuck with us through it all and has become a wonderful friend. We have watched her grow up and literally were crying at our desks on her last day. It was truly the end of an era! The only GOOD thing about Allyson's departure is that we now have two new girls helping us out here in the Chicago studio!!! YAY! 

Since we're in swag mode and have created countless welcome bags over the past couple of weeks, we wanted to share one of our FAVE pieces that brides often choose to include in their welcome bags, that always makes an impact. With so many guests (both from out of town, and local) who often choose to turn a wedding weekend into mini-vacations, what better way to welcome them than with a custom map?! Pointing out key wedding locations and helping guests navigate the host city, custom wedding maps not only look pretty but are often one of the most used items in welcome baskets and programs. From Nantucket to Hawaii and everywhere in between, custom wedding maps are sure to add both function and flair to your welcome basket. Check out some of the maps we've created, and tell us which is your favorite!
Custom Wedding Maps
Our last bride took the idea of a custom map and added a twist, by including it in her envelope liner! Such a fun idea, it turned out so cute!
Such a great addition to any welcome basket, program, or even invitation! We love designing maps for our brides...what a special welcome for wedding guests! 


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