Friday, June 13, 2014

First Birthday Fiesta!

We made it, it's Friday! We're celebrating the weekend with a fun and colorful first birthday!! Little Harrison III (H3) turned one at the end of last summer. To celebrate this momentous occasion, his parents invited friends and family to a birthday fiesta in his honor! Both H3's invitations and party swag incorporated a bold Otomi pattern and bright colors, which created a festive party atmosphere! Is there a better way to celebrate a first birthday than with a fiesta?! Nope--'cuz any party that includes Mexican cheese dip pretty much is guaranteed to be a success! For the life of us, we can't find good, Southern cheese dip anywhere in Chicago...ugh! Chicago friends, point us in the right cheese dip direction!! Ole, ole...check out Harrison's first birthday fiesta!
Otomi birthday party invitation
First Birthday Fiesta
Fiesta Birthday Party Swag
Guests of H3's party were gifted with colorful maracas. Gracias, amigos!! 
The birthday boy with his parents, Ashley and Harrison.
We had so much fun with H3's fiesta! We can't wait to get started on his second birthday!! If you're looking for more first birthday inspiration, make sure to check out Trey's nautical first birthday over in our children's party gallery on our website.


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