Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Winter Olympics First Birthday!!

Just when we thought spring was on it's way to Chicago, Mother Nature played another cruel joke on us. Another four inches of snow fell last night, which officially makes this winter the third snowiest winter in Chicago's history...yikes!! We are so over this weather, but have to admit that the snow did look really pretty on our way into work this morning. So for today we're embracing the snow, and are sharing one of our favorite winter themed parties we helped with in February!
We love first birthdays. There is just something extra special about helping create a celebration for such a big milestone in a family's life. Little Caldwell turned one in February, and we got to help! Since his birthday was during the Olympic games, his mom threw him a Winter Olympics themed party. It's no surprise his party turned out so adorable--Jessie is one of our favorite clients who not only loves a good theme party, but also loves the Olympics. So we knew this was going to be good.

Let the games begin!!
Winter Olympics First Birthday!!
Caldwell's 1st Olympic Winter Games party invitation, inspired by a vintage ski poster!
Thank you to Caldwell's mom, Jessie, for sending us her pictures of this winter olympics first birthday!! For more on Caldwell's party, be sure to check out Jessie's blogpost on her blog Bourbon and Boots.



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