Monday, March 10, 2014

Preppy Palm Beach Wedding

We can not believe it's already Monday! We had a busy, busy weekend, filled with updating our gallery pages on our website, a concert, and spending Sunday night with one of our favorite ladies...Chelsea Handler! The whole weekend was amazing! Back to our website updates! Over the past year, we've done some of our best wedding work yet, but between crazy wedding and Christmas seasons, we haven't had a spare minutes to update our "real wedding" galleries. So finally, a few weeks ago, Lala spent a long weekend in North Carolina with her sister-in-law (of Old South Studio) to take pictures of our wedding goodies from last summer! The pictures are unreal!!

So we spent this weekend uploading her beautiful pictures, and have seven new real wedding galleries to share with y'all! One of our absolute favorites is Alden and Frank's preppy Palm Beach wedding. Their wedding is what we categorize as a drop-dead gorgeous wedding. Its elegant details (including not one but two custom wedding logos) meets the breathtaking scenery of The Breakers Hotel, and a whole lot of preppy goodness. From the couple's engraved wedding invitations, to their navy and turquoise colorway carried throughout their entire wedding...we are obsessed. And yes, we created two custom monograms for this couple's big day. First, a more formal and traditional monogram incorporating the couple's initials. The second logo, used for their save the date and incorporated into their reception, features the couple's monogram covered by a beach cabana!

Here's a couple of our favorite shots from their wedding, including the re-creation of their "reception" logo above the stage and the band!!! SO cool!
Preppy Palm Beach Wedding
Our "reception" logo recreated above the band!
For more of Alden and Frank's preppy Palm Beach wedding, be sure to visit their real wedding gallery page on our website!


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