Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're Bringing Thank You's Back...

We are a BIG believer in the handwritten note. It tells someone you stepped away from your computer in this technology driven day in age, and took the time and effort to put pen to paper.

It is such a rare thing these days and we think we should ALL make an effort to bring it back! (We bet JT writes thank yous..okay, maybe not..but STILL)

There is just NO better way to say thank you....

Enjoy the eyecandy of our completely custom notecards below..

Nico and Lala


  1. LOVE these!!! Are these something that yall made? I'd love to order some of the 2nd ones down :)


  2. Hi Tami! Yes, we designed them! We do calling cards as well! Please email us at and we can do some completely custom stationery for you! Or just like the ones you love on here! YAY!


  3. How do I order??