Friday, May 29, 2015

Introducing...Boutique Bachelorette!

We are so excited to finally share the newest addition to the N&L family. Introducing Boutique Bachelorette by Nico and Lala! Our brand new website just launched this week, and offers bold patterned and clever bachelorette swag bags for easy, online purchase!! These beauties have no design fees, and are available in seventeen different designs for bachelorette parties all over the country!
Bachelorette Party Swag Bags
Each Boutique Bachelorette swag bag comes with a colorful gloss bag with a customized sticker, a koozie, an eye mask, hangover kit, and an itinerary to let your guests know what's on the bachelorette weekend's agenda! Each adorable hangover kit includes Advil, gum, makeup wipes with custom sticker, and saltine crackers. What more do you need for a weekend of fun celebrating the bride to be?!
Mexican Bachelorette
Our Mexico Boutique Bachelorette swag bag features a traditional Mexican otomi print in bright coral and purple! How much more fun would drinking a cocktail on the beach be with our bright otomi koozie?!

Let the party begin, and start shopping Boutique Bachelorette swag bags now!! No matter where in the world your bachelorette party is located, we have an amazing design for you! We have seventeen different bachelorette designs, including both location specific designs and different themes! Take a peek at some of our designs below!!
Preppy Palm Leaf Bachelorette
Our Palm Leaf Boutique Bachelorette swag bag is perfectly preppy in pink and green, and features palm leaves, flamingos, and bamboo designs! These swag bags are perfect for bachelorettes in any tropical location or for the preppy bride!
The Breakers Pool
We imagine this design being perfect for different warm weather locations around the country, but especially Palm Beach!! How perfect would this palm leaf swag bag fit in while you lounge at The Breakers pool? Swoon!

Beach Bachelorette Bash
Cheers, beaches! The Seaside Boutique Bachelorette swag bag features cool seaside colors, and highlights seashells and sea-stars making these bags perfect for a bachelorette party near any body of water! From the Atlantic to the Pacific (and of course, The Gulf of Mexico!), this swag bag is the perfect addition to any beach bachelorette bash! Seaside Preppy Bachelorette
We imagine this design being perfect for a preppy and ocean front bachelorette party in Charleston!! Filled with lots of Southern charm, we can't help but be excited at the thought of our seaside bachelorette bag gracing the streets of this Southern city!

Aspen Bachelorette
Not all bachelorette parties take place in warm weather locations! Our Snow Bunny Boutique Bachelorette swag bag is perfect for the ski enthusiast bride, and features skis, snow bunnies, and of course...a snowflake!
Whether you're retreating to a popular ski location during the height of the ski season, or retreating to the slopes in summer...we think it's fun to celebrate the mountains! Aspen is one of our favorite ski locations, and would make the perfect ski bunny bachelorette in summer or winter!

Chicago Bachelorette Hangover Kit
The Chicago bachelorette swag bag features bright blue and pink colors, and highlights iconic Chicago landmarks (such as the Hancock Building and the Navy Pier ferris wheel). The design also takes inspiration from the stars on the Chicago flag!
Whether you're the maid of honor wanting to surprise the bride with something special for her bachelorette, or maybe you're the bride wanting to thank guests for attending your bachelorette party...our swag bags are perfect for any occasion! To shop all seventeen of our bachelorette swag bag designs, visit our website Boutique Bachelorette!! Happy shopping!!


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