Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Calligraphy Wedding Invitations

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

When most people hear the word calligraphy, they think of a beautifully addressed envelope adorned with swirls and elegant lettering. But we love the gorgeously creative way that calligraphy is used on what's inside the envelope, on the wedding invitation. Over the past year, we've done some pretty incredible wedding invitations with seriously lovely lettering. But in true Nico and Lala fashion, we've given these traditional calligraphy wedding invitations a modern spin by taking classic lettering and combining it with more trendy printing styles (like foil-stamping)! Take a peek at some of our all time favorite invitations featuring calligraphy.
Calligraphy Wedding Invitations
 Claire and Chris' wedding invitation utilized both calligraphy and a simple block font to make the couple's names stand out! Printed in gold-foil, their elegant invitation also featured beveled edges which were painted gold.   
Kali and Matt's calligraphy wedding invitation was also done in gold-foil, but was printed on a stone colored paper. The invitation was wrapped in a delicate gold ribbon, and was sealed with the couple's wedding monogram.
Kate and Joe's custom wedding invitation was done in full calligraphy, and also printed in gold-foil. Their wedding ensemble was wrapped with a hunter green ribbon, paying homage to the wedding's location in Aspen, Colorado. 
Wedding invitations which feature careful calligraphy have to be paired with an equally as beautiful envelope! This envelope, done in dainty gold calligraphy, had us swooning for days!

Did all the pictures of Claire and Chris' calligraphy wedding invitations leave you wanting more? Be sure to check out more pictures from their big day, over on our real weddings gallery!!


Nico and Lala

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