Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Firefighter Birthday Party!

At some point in their life, every little boy wants to be a firefighter. Between the flashing lights, trusty Dalmatian sidekick, and the hook and ladder truck--it's no wonder that being a fireman is the job of choice for many heroic boys. While many fire academies aren't accepting applications from preschoolers, we wanted to help Warner's mom give her birthday boy the chance to be fire chief for the day. With the help of a Nico and Lala invitation and some swanky party swag, Sloane made every guest feel like they were suiting up to fight a real fire. Stop, drop, and roll into this fun firefighter birthday party!!
Firefighter Birthday Party!
Fire extinguisher water bottle adorable!
The birthday boy (and his guests) even got to sit in a real fire truck--so cool!!! 
Thanks again to Sloane for letting us help make Warner's firefighter birthday party a success! 

Nico and Lala

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  1. Hi, what sweets did you use for the bowl of spots?

  2. Yes, I'm curious what was used for the spots as well. Thanks!