Friday, October 1, 2010

Holiday Cards are here...and 15% OFF!

Our little happy to you this holiday season is to enjoy 15% off of our custom and preset holiday designs now through November 1st!

Get excited!!! They are SUPER swanky!!! Preset designs are $2.50 per ensemble which includes printing of front and back of card, as well as our cute, cute envelopes!

If none of these tickle your fancy, please email us at for completely custom designs & quotes!

Merry, Bright, and Oh So Swanky...ENJOY!

We hope you love them!!!

Nico and Lala


  1. Done!! I was looking at all of the amazing cards & thinking "They have GOT to make a Newlywed card"... & there it is! Love it! Super cute!

  2. These are darling!! Makes me wish the Holidays were here already! I'd love to get some...I'll shoot you guys an email soon!

  3. DESIGN B is my favorite!!!! But I love them all!